Home News Will SDCC have a Funko booth lottery system?

Will SDCC have a Funko booth lottery system?


If you are going to SDCC you may have gotten an email about signing up for the chance at purchasing an exclusive Mondo print celebrating the MCU. This along with latest trials of an online autograph lottery system prior to cons have had us guessing if Funko and other booths may be able to do something similar for their booths.

The comic-con website now says the following regarding exclusives. “Comic-Con 2018 exclusive merchandise purchasing time slots and exclusive signings will be added at a later date.”

The issue of course with current setup is the high demand of the Funko booth, flippers who recruit people to fill lines for them through day, and a horrible morning line system to start with. In the last Funko has stated they are limited to what the con allows so we now anxiously await mire news. An online lottery system assigning booth times may not go perfectly but would certainly be a step forward.


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