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Weekend Binge: Netflix Mystery Drama SAFE


Looking for something to watch this weekend?  Try out SAFE over on Netflix.    It’s from novelist Harlan Coben and stars Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame.   The Netflix Original consists of eight 45 minutes episodes, making it the perfect weekend binge.  Here’s the description from Netflix.

“When his teenage daughter doesn’t return home after a party, Tom Delaney anxiously combs the neighborhood and learns her boyfriend is also missing.”

This is a British based mystery/drama  that plays out somewhat more like an very intense soap opera only with MUCH better acting. Although the show does have it’s moments of action this is very far off from being a drawn out version of Taken. At times it’s slow but the mystery is strong enough to pull you through those moments.

While trying to find out what has happened to his daughter Tom Delaney is discovering he doesn’t know his family nearly as well as he thought.  To make things even more complicated it seems that everyone in his neighborhood  has a secret.

Safe is full of mystery and plays out very well through all 8 episodes.  After the first episode you start to get flashbacks to the night of episode 1, which helps to fill in some of the gaps of what happened the night Tom’s daughter Jenny goes missing. The show certainly plays into the “gritty” and “suspenseful” categories that it has been dropped into by Netflix.

Mixed in with all the drama is some dark comedy as well.  Give it a go.


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