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Review of the November Legion of Collectors: Justice League Box (Spoilers)


Funko’s newest Legion of Collectors Box, Justice League is currently making its way to collectors around the country.  The new box is based on the upcoming Justice League movie that will debut next week at theaters.   This box celebrates that release with a host of new Pops and collectibles.  Please note, if you don’t like spoilers, then now’s your chance to back out of this article and check back later.  However if you want to see what’s in the box, then read on because we are about to dive right in.

The Opening
The new Legions of Collectors box features an Aquaman design on the box.  This is where the excitement grows with anticipation of that’s really in the box.

The Collectibles
Once again, there are some great  exclusives in this month’s box including a great new Pop! and an awesome action figure.  Below are photos of everything in the box.
Item #1 – Legion of Collectors Batman Pin
Item #2 – Legion of Collectors Flash Notepad
Item #3 – Legion of Collectors Wonder Woman Tumbler
Item #4 – Legion of Collectors Tee
Item #5 – Legion of Collectors Exclusive Aquaman Pop! Vinyl
 Item #6 – Legion of Collectors Exclusive Steppenwolf  Pop! Vinyl


The newest Legion of Collectors Box was another good one.  The two Pops were the best, but the Aquaman has to be one of the most amazing Pops today.  The return of the pin was great and we now wonder if the patch or the pin will be in each box.  We guess we’ll have to find out in January.  The next box which will feature a Teen Titans theme.  If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to sign up at LegionofCollectors.com before the Jan. 1 deadline.



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