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Review of the new Vaulted Vinyl Pop! Vinyl Case!


Vaulted Vinyl recently sent us their new Vaulted Vinyl case.  While many collectors looked at it as a weird new product, anyone that has traveled with Pops they wanted to keep safe can attest, the Pop! Protectors are nice, but sometimes that is not enough during transit.

Have you ever been to SDCC, NYCC or Funko FunDays and came home with some very expensive Pops, then the Vaulted Vinyl case is for you.  The perfect fitting padding truly protects the Pop! Vinyl even if it’s in a Pop! Protector.

As an added bonus, the case has a sleak look and of course the Vaulted Vinyl logo on the front.

When we got our case not only did it come well packaged, but the personal note from the crew at Vaulted Vinyl was an added bonus.  It was almost as if they were welcoming us to a new family.

For more information about Vaulted Vinyl or to sign up for round #2 of pre-orders the be sure to visit Vaulted-Vinyl.com.


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