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Review of the new Star Wars Smugglers Bounty: Star Wars Droids Box by Funko (Spoilers)


Star Wars Droids have always had a special place in many fans’ hearts.  With that said, the newest Star Wars Smugglers Bounty may have that same special place.  The C-3PO Pop! Vinyl in the box had been advertised for a while and for fans of the protocol droid ad detailed Pops, this one was a good choice.  But wait there’s more.  There isn’t one Pop in the box, but rather two.  If you don’t like spoilers, now is a good time to back out, but we will say this new box is awesome!

WARNING: Spoilers below, if you don’t want to see what’s inside, now is the time to hit the back button. You have been warned! 

The first two exclusives we geta  glimpse at is the patch and pin.  Once again, these look great and head right to the display fames.  But there’s more, so be sure to keep scrolling to check out the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty: Star Wars Rebels Box.

Item #1: C-3PO Patch

Item #2: Battle Droid Pin

Item #3: Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive Episode 1 C-3PO Pop! Vinyl

Item #4: Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive R5-D4 Pop! Vinyl

Item #5: Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive Star Wars Droids Tee

For Star Wars Droids fans, this box will be a favorite.  The mixture of Droids really makes this a unique box, plus the inclusion of Pops and items from Episode 1 is something special.  Two Pops is always a plus and the Tee is truly an amazing tee.  But now, Star Wars fans will want to turn their sights to the next Smuggler’s Bounty Box.  September’s Smuggler’s Bounty Box will be theme Star Wars Jedi and available for pre-order at SmugglersBounty.com.



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