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Review of the new Star Wars Smugglers Bounty: Rogue One Box by Funko (Spoilers)


With Rogue One just under a month away, Funko’s newest Smuggler’s Bounty box features Pops and collectibles from the upcoming film.  While the Funko had released a few details about the box beforehand,  but there would be plenty of surprises in this box.  Now the question is, will live the box live up to the hype.  Well, the wait is over and its time to take a peek inside and see if this is another great box.


WARNING: Spoilers below, if you don’t want to see what’s inside, now is the time to hit the back button. You have been warned! 

Upon opening we get a glimpse of our first two exclusives.  The Boba Fett patch and Bossk pin are the first two things that we see.  Of course a great patch and a great pin are the beginning of a great box.

Item #1 & 2: Captain Cassian Andor Patch and K-2SO Pin

Item #3: Jyn Erso Pop! Vinyl

15102109_10210578677133568_219471158_o jyn-erso-funko-pop

Item #4: Imperial Death Trooper Pop! Vinyl

15133884_10210578676613555_825122037_o swsb008_rogueone_imperial_death_trooper_glam_hires

Item #5: Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive Rogue One T-Shirt


Item #6: Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive Mini Darth Vader Hikari

15127485_10210578725214770_2007691617_o 15133772_10210578723934738_2064464883_o 15145255_10210578676973564_1862760513_o

Item #7: Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive Rogue One Info Card

15064908_10210578935460026_596682393_o 15134213_10210578937780084_1183348448_o

We have to say, the newest Smuggler’s Bounty Box was another solid box.  Two great Rogue One Pops, the first ever mini Hikari and an awesome looking t-shirt always makes for an awesome box. Now we, turn our sites on the next Smugglers Bounty box, which is themed is Empire Strikes Back.  Of course, Funko has already released a preview of the Pop! in the next box and and it will be a popular one.  Be sure to sign-up at SmugglersBounty.com before the deadline in January.



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