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Review of the new Legion of Collectors: Women of DC Box (Spoilers)

Funko’s newest Legion of Collectors Box, Women of DC, has been released to many collectors around the country.  If you love the Classic DC Comics then you’ll love this box.  Funko has done another great job of pulling in various collectibles from their lineup to great a very good box.  If you don’t like spoilers, then now’s chance to back out of this article and checkbook later.  However if you want to see what’s in the box, then read on because we are about to dive right in.
The Opening
The box is the biggest Legions of Collectors box so far and features a look at Wonder Woman on top of it.  Inside there is more art work to get collectors excited about this month’s theme.  The excitement will always be very high at this point and we all wonder if the new box will be the best one yet.
The Collectibles
There are some great exclusives in this month’s box including the Invisible Jet and the great new Pop!.  Below are photos of everything in the box.
Item #1 – Legion of Collectors Batgirl Patch
Item #2 – Legion of Collectors Harley Quinn Pin
Item #3 – Legion of Collectors Exclusive Batgirl Comic
Item #4 – Legion of Collectors Women of DC T-Shirt
Item #5 – Legion of Collectors Exclusive Invisible Jet and mini Retro Wonder Woman figure
 14284999_10209879248088279_1632620768_o 14273537_10209879247968276_339946592_o
Item #6 – Legion of Collectors Exclusive Hawkgirl Pop! Vinyl
Also, if you love just watching a video, Funko has released a video featuring all of the new Legion of Collectors Exclusives

Overall the newest Legion of Collectors Box was great. The mix of the Invisible Plane with mini figure, the Pop! and the great new t-shirt are great. The next box is scheduled to be released November and it’s theme is Batman Villains. This box should be interesting and include a few highly prized collectibles. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to sign up at LegionofCollectors.com before the deadline.



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