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Review of the new Disney Treasures: Festival of Friends Box by Funko (Spoilers)


The 2nd box from Funko’s Disney Treasure Subscription Box has made its way to many of doorsteps.  Just like the previously released box, the box contains some very exclusive collectible.   While many collectors may fear the sophomore slump, this box has once again delivered with two Pop! and a few other surprises.  Below is a detailed look at the contents of the box of which reveals Funko’s ability to reach collectors of all genres. With that said, if you don’t like spoilers, now is a good time to back out, but we will say this new box is awesome!

WARNING: Spoilers below, if you don’t want to see what’s inside, now is the time to hit the back button. You have been warned! 

Just like the other Funko Subscription boxes, our first exclusives are the pin and patch.  The new patch features Captain Hook, while the pin features Pirate Mickey.  But as always, there’s more.  So, let’s open up the flap and dig in to the newDisney Treasures: Pirates Cove Box.

Item #1: Piglet Patch

Item #2: Thumper Pin

Item #3: Disney Treasures: Festival of Friends Box Sticker

Item #4: Disney Treasures: Pirates Cove Box Exclusive Dumbo and Timothy Mouse Pop! Vinyl

Item #5: Disney Treasures: Pirates Cove Box Woody Mystery Mini

Item #6: Disney Treasures: Pirates Cove Box Exclusive Pluto Pop! Vinyl

Item #7: Disney Treasures: Pirates Cove Box Map and Box Info Pamphlet

The 2nd Disney Treasures Box by Funko was an awesome followup for a great first box.  The box was filled with some great collectibles including two Pops, which truly makes this box.  Plus the continuation of the Disney Mystery Mini Series looks very promising.  Now we turn our sites to the next box entitled “Tiny Town”.  The Tiny Town box will be released in August.  Be sure to order the new box, “Tiny Town” Box now on DisneyTreasures.com.



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