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Review of the New Collectors Corp – Animal Instinct Box by Funko (SPOILERS!)


By now, many collectors have received the newest Collectors Corp box by Funko.  The new Animal Instinct themed box was an intriguing box, but with many “Animal based” characters in the Marvel Universe, this one has a lot of potential. So, without delay, let’s jump into the contents of the newest Collectors Corp.

If you don’t like spoilers, then you might want to hit the back button now.  The new Marvel Collector Corps: Animal Instinct box features an awesome graphic on top of the box. Now, let’s dig in to the new Collectors Corp box.

Item #1: Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Squirrel Girl Patch

Item #2: Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Rocket Pen

Item #3: Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Howard the Duck Tee


Item #5: Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Black Panther Wack Wobbler

Item #6: Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Rhino Pop! Vinyl


The new Animal Instinct box was a good box.  This sets up for the final Collectors Corp box that will be released in April.  The final box is surely to be a great one as the subscription service will be transferred to a retail product. For more information about the final Collectors Corp box, be sure to visit collectorcorps.com.



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