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Official Previews of the Fan Expo Canada 2018 Geoffrey as Iron Man Pop! Vinyl Released!


Fan Expo Canada 2018 will be held Aug. 30 – Sept. 2 in Toronto and will feature a number of Exclusives from Funko at the event.  While everyone thought there would be 9 exclusives, today Funko added one more to the pile.  The new Geoffrey as Iron Man Pop! Vinyl will be released at Fan Expo Canada 2018 and will also be a shared exclusive with Toys’R’Us Canada.  Below is a look at the Geoffrey as Iron Man Pop! Vinyl as well as at the other 9 exclusives.

Pop! Funko: Geoffrey as Iron Man Pop! Vinyl (Toys’R’Us Canada Shared Exclusive)

Pop! Funko: Seattle- Snowy Bigfoot (FL) Pop! Vinyl (Funko Shop Shared Exclusive)

Pop! Movies: Back to the Future- Marty McFly with Guitar

Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim – Lucas Lee with Skateboard (Funko Shop Shared Exclusive)

Pop! Animation: Dudley Do-Right (Available through Grosnor )

Pop! NHL: Toronto – Auston Matthews (Away Jersey) (Available through Grosnor )

Pop! Rocks: Rush – Geddy, Alex, Neil (2018 Fan Expo Exclusive)

Pop! 8-Bit: Mega Man – Mega Man (Gyro Attck) (GW) (GameStop Shared Exclusive)

Rock Candy: Doctor Who – Amy Pond (Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million Shared Exclusive)

Vynl.: Strange Brew – Bob & Doug McKenzie (2018 Fan Expo Exclusive)


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