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New Snap, Crackle and Pop Pop! Vinyl 3-Pack Coming Soon!


In a recent article by Licensing Global, a preview of the new Snap, Crackle and Pop Pop! Vinyl 3-Pack was announced.  Releasing later this year on Funkoshop.com, the new Ad Icons are sure to be super popular.  Below is a look at upcoming Pop! Vinyl set as well as the other bits of information that were released in the LicensingGlobal.com article.

Other notable bits of information (Credit: License Global):

Kellogg’s and Funko have teamed up once again for a line of figures that celebrates the food brand’s classic characters.

The expanded deal offers a new line of collectible figures, including:

•    Tony The Tiger and Dig’em vinyl figures, which will be sold as a two pack;

•    A Tony The Tiger Pop! fleece blanket sold exclusively at Target stores;

•    A Rice Krispies Snap, Crackle, and Pop three-pack POP! figurine set, available exclusively at Funko.com.

•    A Tony The Tiger POP! and Tony the Tiger POP! tee set;

•    A Toucan Sam POP! and Toucan POP! tee set that is set to be released online only;

•    A Dig ‘em POP! Figure.

The Kellogg’s Funko line will be released through the end of 2018.

Photo credit: License Global


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