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Is everything still awesome?


The first trailer for Lego Movie: The Second Part dropped this week. It picks up in an apocalyptic Mad Max style future.  This is the result of the Duplo’s invasion at the end of the original Lego Movie. As it turns out, other than Emmet, no one is feeling awesome any more. The trailer gives us a first look at the general plot of the movie as a new character, in the style of the Lego Friends line, arrives to take away all the heroes. Emmett however is left behind and then most go on a quest to find his friends who have been taken  to  the “Sistar System”.

Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn 99 is voicing Sweet Mayhem, the new character who kidnaps all of the heroes from Bricksville in what we can assume is an attempt to save her own world. The introduction of Sweet Mayhem and the way the trailer quickly addresses how Lucy, aka WildStyle, did all the initial work saving the day in Lego Movie despite Emmett being hailed the hero sparks our curiosity on the larger theme of the movie. Hollywood has certainly been starting to focus on trying to give young girls more heroines to cheer for the last couple years and much like Incredibles 2 we may see a roll reversal in the lead character here.

The movie visually looks amazing and we are hoping that they are able to capture the same balance of heart and humor as the first. The most recent Lego movie to hit the big screen was Lego Ninjago which failed to win over fans and scored a 5.8/10 over on rottentomatoes.com.


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