Funko has released previews of more NYCC Exclusives. This round of reveals are Television based Pops and collectibles. Remember, a number of these exclusives will shared exclusives, which mean they will be at various retailers throughout the country.

Pop! TV: Westworld – Dolores

Pop! Television: Trollhunters – Stone AAARRRGGHH!!!

Pop! Television: Trollhunters – Jim (Red Armor)

Pop! Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Buffy & Faith 2-pack

Pop! Television: Doctor Who – First Doctor

Pop! Television: Land of the Lost – Sleestak

Pop! Television: Land of the Lost – Enik

Pop! Television: The Walking Dead – Dwight (Burnt Face)

Pop! Television: Stranger Things – Eleven with Electrodes

Action Figures: Stranger Things – Eleven with Wig, Upside Down Will & Demogorgon 3-pack