Pop In A Box will not only released a new Venom/Deadpool Pop! Vinyl in September, but they will also be releasing an exclusive Dorbz.  The new Venom Deadpool Dorbz is now available for pre-order and will be released on September 15.  Below is a preview of the new Dorbz as well as the pre-order link and details about the Dorbz.



In addition to our first exclusive POP Vinyl, we also have this exclusive Venom Deadpool Dorbz!

This epic Dorbz combines two characters into one amazing figure; on the left side you have Deadpool, and on the right you can see the symbiote infection spreading across his body as he becomes Venompool! If you’re a fan of Marvel and looking to build your Dorbz collection, this is the perfect addition and you can only get it right here.

Preorder this exclusive Venom Deadpool Dorbz now!