If you are a Pocket Pop! Keychain fan or you love Fairy Tail, Inside Out, Dragonball Z to the Alien movie, then we have some news for you.  There are a number of new Pocket Pop! keychains that will be released this Fall covering a number of different franchises.  The new Fairy Tail Happy Keychain will be released in November along with two new Dragonball Z figures.  Also being released will be two new Inside Out Pocket Pop! keychains which will be released later this month.  Finally there’s an Alien keychain that will make its way to store shelves in October.  Click on the link below and pre-order the newest Pocket Pop! keychains today.

Pre-order the new Pocket Pop! Keychains on EntertainmentEarth.comjpeg-2 jpeg-4 jpeg-6 jpeg-5 jpeg-3 jpeg-7