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The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Anger Pop! Vinyl Pays a Visit to Fantasyland

We took on what seemed to be an impossible mission, make the upcoming Entertainment Earth Exclusive Anger Funko look happy.  You may have seen our last post about Pocahontas and Meeko, if not CLICK HERE, they were much easier subjects to work with.  No matter what we tried we just couldn’t get Anger to smile, but we still think he had a good time at Disneyland.
We started with a quick stop outside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle which is a classic photo stop for tourist and Funko Pop alike.  This of course is the gateway into Fantasyland, which is where we took Anger to experience the magic that is the “Happiest Place on Earth.”
A quick stop in the garden that surrounds the Sword in the Stone was our first stop and although it turned out to be our favorite photo of the day we still aren’t sure we made Anger look any more “happy”.
We proceeded to stop by some of the classic rides found in Fantasyland, like, Snow White, Dumbo, and the Mad Tea Party.  All excellent opportunities to show off Anger but he stayed true to himself the whole trip.
This new Anger really is great, as you can see in the pictures his head and body are all a single color red while the top of his head is lit up in a gradient of orange and yellow flames.  The entire Funko is covered in sparkles that give you that burning ember feeling.   There was a Comic-Con exclusive that also showed off these flames, so it isn’t exactly a new mold, but the drastic difference in repaint certainly makes it feel like it is.  If you were not lucky enough to get that exclusive we are positive you’ll enjoy this version.
Before we left the park we dropped in on the Storybook Ride and got up close and personnel with Monstro, I think it was the “happiest” Anger was all day.   Make sure to preorder your Entertainment Earth Exclusive HERE.


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