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Shout Factory Announces MST3K SDCC Exclusives!


Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return Season 2 (MST3K’s 12th Season overall) might be releasing in the not too distant future of later this year, but die-hard MST-ies are getting some love from MST3K’s long-time DVD Distributor, Shout Factory. Today, Shout Factory announced their SDCC Exclusive merch for 2018. Alongside exclusive prints for shows such as Gravity Falls and the cult-classic film Army of Darkness, Mystery Science Theater is getting an exclusive art print by the long time artist for their DVDs: Steve Vance.

(Source: Shout Factory)

The print, which shows Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow cosplaying at SDCC, stocking up on Shout Factory Merch, and generally having a good time, starts at $25.00 on the convention floor. Several references to past characters on MST3K can be seen in the background, such as Mr. B. Natural and the Skeleton Crew, but it is overall a cute piece reminiscent of the DVD covers and posters Vance has done for the show. If posters aren’t your style, the design is also being sold as a T-Shirt for $35.00

For more info on Shout Factory’s exclusives, Click here.

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