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Previews of the new Wonder Woman Pop! Vinyls, Dorbz and Rock Candy Exclusives!


The new Wonder Woman movie is set to be released on June 2 and of course that means lots of new collectibles. Funko does have its share of movie based collectibles that have just hit store shelves, but while you’re looking be sure to be on the look out for some exclusives. Below is a look at the new Wonder Woman movie collectibles by Funko that are exclusive to certain retailers. While some of these have surfaced at retailers, others should be released within the next month.

Wonder Woman Dorbz (Walmart exclusive)
Available by mid-May!

Wonder Woman with Shield Pop! (Walmart exclusive)
Available by mid-May!

Amazonian Wonder Woman Pop! (Hot Topic exclusive)
Available now

Wonder Woman Rock Candy (Hot Topic exclusive)
Available now!

Blue Dress Wonder Woman Pop! (GameStop exclusive)
Available now!

Diana Prince Pop! (Entertainment Earth exclusive)
Available for pre-order now!

Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor Pop! 2-pack (FYE exclusive)
Available now!

Wonder Woman Box from Legion of Collectors
Spoiler alert! Click the image below to see one of the amazing figures exclusive to this upcoming box!
Order by May 1st!


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