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Pocahontas and Meeko Pop! Vinyls Explore Frontierland at Disneyland


Pocahontas and Meeko Pop! Vinyls Explore Frontierland at Disneyland by Doug Williams, Jr. 


Entertainment Earth gave us a hands on look at the new Funko Pocahontas and Meeko Pops as well as their exclusive Anger from the Pixar / Disney movie Inside Out.
We of course immediately headed to the best place we could to showcase these great new pops, Disneyland.
We took Pocahontas and Meeko to Frontierland.  The Pocahontas Pop comes with a small plastic stand which is a must if you’re going to have her standing on an unbalanced surface outside the box.   For those who are familiar with this the prongs to go into the feet are shorter than past stands making it a little less fragile of a stand.  The Pocahontas mold really does a great job of capturing the character.  The wavy hair, caught in the colors of the wind we assume, is great, and a big reason on why she needs a base. The muted colors mix with small details on her buckskin dress are wonderful.
Meanwhile her friend Meeko is a must as a companion. He’s a cute little raccoon munching away on a treat.  As we took photos none other than Alice and the  Mad Hatter walked by and admired the little guy. Apparently they were more use to cats than raccoons.  We would not be surprised to see a flocked version of him at some point.
Both Pocahontas and Meeko are great new additions to the Disney lineup.  We would love to see a Percy the Pug as well but are very pleased with these new additions.
Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip “Anger in Fantasyland”


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