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New NFL Pop! Vinyls Coming Soon!


Football season is upon us and to celebrate, Funko has released previews of the upcoming, and in some cases already released, NFL Pop! Vinyls!  The new Pops cover 20 different different teams including Dallas, Houston, LA Rams, Philadelphia, Oakland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Seattle, San Francisco, Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville, New Orleans, LA Chargers, Denver, NY Jets, Buffalo, Arizona and Chicago. All of these new Pops can be pre-ordered now on EntertainmentEarth.com and should be available soon at your favorite Funko retailer and favorite Team Store.
Click on the link below to pre-order the new NFL Pop! Vinyls.

Pre-order the new NFL Pop! Vinyls

Pop! NFL: Dallas Cowboys

Pop! NFL: Houston Texans

Pop! NFL: Los Angeles Rams

Pop! NFL: Philadelphia Eagles

Pop! NFL: Oakland Raiders

Pop! NFL: Atlanta Falcons

Pop! NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers

Pop! NFL: Seattle Seahawks

Pop! NFL: San Francisco 49ers

Pop! NFL: Kansas City Chiefs

Pop! NFL: Detroit Lions

Pop! NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars

Pop! NFL: New Orleans Saints

Pop! NFL: Los Angeles Chargers

Pop NFL: New England Patriots

Pop! NFL: Denver Broncos

Pop! NFL: Chicago Bears

Pop! NFL: Buffalo Bills

Pop! NFL: Cleveland Browns

Pop! NFL: Arizona Cardinals

Pop! NFL: New York Jets


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