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More Funko Collectibles Revealed During the Funko 12 Days of Christmas!

Yesterday, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti posted the updates for Days #8 and #9 of the Funko 12 Days of Christmas.  Included in the announcement were Donnie Darko and Planet of the Apes Dorbz plus Pops from Psycho, Carrie, Reservoir Dogs, Tommy Boy, Krampus, Kinsman, LOTR/Hobbit and Harry Potter!  Also being released in 2017 are Pops of Green Day, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix and Justin Bieber.  Below is a look at all of the announcements that have been made so far on Funkofunatic.com. Stay tuned for the Day #10 announcements very soon.
Day 1: Star Wars
– 2017 will finally bring us Star Wars MYSTERY MINIS!!!
– New plush!
– Episode 8 of course!
– Phasma & Kylo Ren Hikari… also more mini Hikari!!
– MORE POP DELUXE… think spaceships & beasts!
– 40th Anniversary surprises!!!

Day 2 is about some upcoming movies! Expect Pop! for…
Ghost in the Shell
The Mummy
Alien: Covenant
War for the Planet of the Apes
Boss Baby
The Dark Tower
Despicable Me 3… will also include Dorbz, Mystery Minis, Pint Size Heroes!!

Day 3 is Marvel, movies & more…
Guardians of the Galaxy 2… Pop, Dorbz, Pint Size Heroes & Rock Candy!!
Spiderman: Homecoming… Pop, Dorbz, Pint Size Heroes!!
Thor: Ragnorak Pop & Dorbz
Classic Spider-man Mystery Minis
Agents of SHIELD Ghost Rider Dorbz Ridez
MORE comic Marvel Dorbz
MORE Rock Candy
And of course, more Pop!!

Day 4... Alright Disney fans today’s your day!!

Beauty & Beast movie Pop, Dorbz & Mystery Minis
Disney Pop! Home
Chip N Dale Pop
Duck Tails Pop
Darkwing Duck Pop
Talespin Pop
Ratatouille Pop
Cars 3 Pop
Gravity Falls Pop
Pint Size Heroes!
MORE Dorbz!
NEW Plush!

One more thing… the Disney subscription box is coming this spring!!! Disneyland and Disney World park characters will appear in every box!

Day 5 is for new and current TV shows!

American Gods Pop
BoJack Horseman Pop
Teen Wolf Pop!
Workaholics Pop
South Park Pop wave 2
Stranger Things Pop wave 2
Trollhunters – EVERYTHING
Rick & Morty – EVERYTHING
Walking Dead more Pop, Dorbz & Mystery Minis
More Game of Thrones including Rock Candy!!
And… Westworld!!!

Day 6 is for classic/older TV!

Parks & Rec Pop
Green Hornet Pop
Married With Children Pop
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Pop
Baywatch Pop
More Futurama Pop
More MOTU Pop & Dorbz
Twin Peaks… Pop, Action Figures & Rock Candy!

We have a little bit of DC news for Day 7…

Wonder Woman Movie Pop, Dorbz, Pint Size Heroes & Rock Candy!
Justice League Movie Pop, Dorbz & Mystery Minis!
DC TV Mystery Minis
66 Batman Pop wave 2
Animated Batman Pop wave 2
Action Figures… including Batman 66 (bunch of villains!!)
More Rock Candy!
More comic Dorbz!
And more!!

Day 8 is older movies!
Donnie Darko Dorbz
Planet of the Apes Dorbz
Psycho Pop
Carrie Pop
Reservoir Dogs Pop
Tommy Boy Pop
Krampus Pop
Kingsman Pop
More LOTR/Hobbit Pop & Rock Candy!
More Harry Potter Pop, Plush & Rock Candy!!

Day 9- quick update on music! Here are a few names we can mention…
Yes… Green Day is still coming
Alice Cooper
Jimi Hendrix
Justin Bieber
We should have a few more musical surprises in 2017!!


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