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DC Comics Announces Details on Streaming Service: DC Universe!


Today, DC Comics announced on Twitter more concrete details about their upcoming streaming service: DC Universe, including what we can expect to be available for streaming. In a 30-second teaser on their twitter, they quickly flash by the exclusives and legacy content that will be on the service, coming later this year, so let’s break it down below.

Source: DC Comics

The major announcements for DC Universe include a slate of exclusive DC shows. While we knew that the live-action Titans, an adaptation of the legacy DC Team, would be one of the first shows released along with season 3 of the fan-favorite Young Justice animated show, titled Young Justice: Outsiders, but there are a bunch of new shows announced for the service.

Source: DC Universe

The other announcements include a Harley Quinn show, Swamp Thing, and Doom Patrol, which has a brief description from the twitter page: “What happens when a band of super-powered freaks come together to fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them? Find out when Doom Patrol arrives on DC Universe.”

Source: DC Universe

Along with the new shows, DC Universe announced that legacy DC movies and shows, such as the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy and 1978’s Superman: The Movie as well as the entire DC Animated Universe, including Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond. A surprise announcement is that the 1940’s Max Fleischer Superman cartoons are included in the package, which should make any fan of the character and classic animation excited. For more info on this particular cartoon, watch this video essay on it here.

Aside from the media from DC, DC Universe will feature modern and classic comics and storylines curated on the service available digitally. It will also have a merchandise store with exclusive merch for members. However, with all of these positives, there are a few problems. Mainly that this service is only available in the United States right now, and there is no release date yet nor is there a price point for the service, but if you are a fan of DC Comics and are interested in the service, click here to visit the site, read a little more about it and sign up for the beta test later this summer.

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