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Cosplay is pure fandom! Check out some from Wondercon.


Cosplay has become a mainstream word. It has grown to such proportions that the meetups often dominate different conventions, and rightfully so. Fans showing their fandom by dressing up as their favorite characters is what a con should be about. As Funko collectors we obviously freak out over exclusives but merchandise is simply a byproduct of what fans love and that is visibly seen through cosplay. The best thing is that it doesn’t matter if you make a custom outfit, go out of box, or just do your own homemade take on a character, you become part of something special when you join in. In our experience WonderCon actually has some of the best cosplay of cons we get to go to, including SDCC.   This of course has to do with the accessibility of the event in Anaheim compare to the drama of online lottery for the beast that is SDCC. Here are some of what we got to see on Friday.




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