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2020 SDCC Exclusives



DC Mr. Freeze (Batman & Robin) – CLICK HERE
Marvel Zombies Zombie The Thing 10″ – CLICK HERE
Pokemon Vulpix Flocked – CLICK HERE
Sanrio Hello Kitty (Robot) Kaiju – CLICK HERE
Sonic the Hedgehog 2-Pack – Super Tails & Super Silver – CLICK HERE

Hot Topic

Dragon Ball Super SSG Goku – CLICK HERE
Marvel Nightcrawler (X-Men) – CLICK HERE
My Hero Academia Katsuki Bakugo – CLICK HERE


Alien Remix Kevin – CLICK HERE TO BUY!
Emperor’s New Groove Yzma as cat – CLICK HERE TO BUY!


Back to the Future Marty Checking Watch – CLICK HERE TO BUY!
Fortnite Rippley – CLICK HERE TO BUY!
Office Dwight Schrute as Recyclops – CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Best Buy

Critical Role Vex’ahlia – CLICK HERE TO BUY!


Marvel Dark Captain Marvel – CLICK HERE
Star Wars Sith Jet Trooper – CLICK HERE


12 noon EST on July 24

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Iron Bob – CLICK HERE TO BUY!


Marvel Wade Wilson (Weapon XI) – CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Entertainment Earth

12 noon EST on July 23

Heroes Ra’s al Ghul – CLICK HERE TO BUY!
Invader Zim Zim w/ Minimoose – CLICK HERE TO BUY!


Cyborg Superman – CLICK HERE TO BUY!
Iron Man Stan Lee Cameo – CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Toy Tokyo

Release time and date: TBA

Masters of the Universe Blast-Attak
Masters of the Universe Clawful
Rocks Steve Aoki
Samurai Jack Scaramouche


(Release date:July 22 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET)

Ad Icons Jack Box (in disguise) – SOLD OUT
Ad Icons Toucan SDCC – SOLD OUT
Ad Icons Toucan Astronaut SDCC – SOLD OUT
Anchorman Ron with Baxter – SOLD OUT
Anchorman Ron Burgundy with Jazz Flute – SOLD OUT
Anchorman Ron Burgundy with Cup – SOLD OUT
Anchorman Brian Fantana Scented – SOLD OUT
Anchorman Brick Tamland – SOLD OUT
Harry Potter Harry at World Cup – SOLD OUT
Pokemon Mewtwo Flocked – SOLD OUT
Scott Pilgrim Wallace Wells – SOLD OUT
TMNT Michelangelo with Surfboard – SOLD OUT
Masters of the Universe – Moss Man Flocked – SOLD OUT
Masters of the Universe – Trap Jaw – SOLD OUT
Nightmare Before Christmas – Tear Away Face Clown – SOLD OUT
Quaker Oats – Cap’n Crunch – Crunchberry Beast – SOLD OUT
Heroes Black Lightning – SOLD OUT



Ad Icons Toucan Astronaut Red SDCC