Funko has partnered up with Sony to include Pint Size Heroes in the new Walmart Spider-Man DVD Exclusives. There are four different sets based on the previously released Spider-Man movies. These are currently available online at and in most Walmart stores.

Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Spider-Man, Lizard, and Green Goblin
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Spider-Man 2 and Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol.3 with Spider-Man, Anti-Venom, and Peter Parker!
Order the Spider-Man 2 + Pint Size Heroes Set

Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 8 with Spider-Man, Venom, and Doc Ock!
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Spider-Man 3 and Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 4 with Spider-Man Spider-Gwen, and Mile Morales!
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