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New Warcraft Mystery Minis to be Released in May

With the Warcraft Movie right around the corner, Funko has announced the upcoming release of the new Warcraft Mystery Minis.  The new series comes in a 12t case with will retail for $67.99.  The new Mystery Minis will be released in July at your favorite Funko retailer including Warcraft Mystery Minis Display Case Can’t get enough of Warcraft? Your favorite characters from the epic movie as miniature stylized figures! Orgrim, Lothar, King Llane, and more! The Warcraft Mystery Minis Display Case contains 12 individually blind boxed mini-figures! From the hit video game-turned-movie, Warcraft, come these well-designed 2 1/2-inch tall mini-figures of...

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A Look at the new Warcraft Dorbz

Along with the new Warcraft Pop! Vinyls will be a series of Dorbz figures.  The new Warcraft set includes Anduin Lothar, King Llane Wrynn, Durotan, Orgrim and Garona. All five of the new Dorbz can be pre-ordered on and will be released in May....

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Kit Fisto, Plo Koon and Star Wars Rebels Pop! Vinyls Coming Soon!

Tonight, Funko held a Q & A session on Twitter. While a lot of times there’s a little bit of information revealed about upcoming releases, tonight’s session revealed two new Star Wars Pops.  During the session, Funko announced the upcoming release of a Kit Fisto and Plo Koon Pop! Vinyls.  We are sure there will be previews and more information real soon.  Also during the Q & A, Funko announced that Star Wars Rebels Pop! Vinyls will be coming soon.  With a slate of new Star Wars Pops already in the works, it’s a great time for to be a...

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